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Dealing with cavities in any of your children is usually a pretty challenging ordeal, but it’s almost always more work with your younger children than anything else. They don’t enjoy dental visits and if you handle their first cavity in the wrong way it can set a big precedent for how they handle dental visits as they get older.

Let’s see how we can combat that problem.

Don’t talk about drills
Sure, a drill is what Dr. William D. Steinhauer uses to help fill a cavity, but there’s no reason for you to tell your child that’s what’s going to happen. They’ll get images of their father and his big drill working on their tiny teeth and refuse to even get in the car to go to the appointment.

Stay positive

It’s important that, as a parent, you stay as positive and happy as possible. Your calming influence will show your kids that there’s nothing to worry about when getting a cavity filled. It’ll also show them that the dentist’s office isn’t a place to be scared. This will do wonders in helping your children develop lasting oral health habits that’ll go with them into adulthood.

No more pain
You can also let your children know that our team at Dentistry for Children is going to help their teeth not hurt anymore, which is usually one of the best ways to get a stubborn child to cooperate with a dental visit.
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