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Raising a child can be difficult, and you probably know that teething can be a difficult time. Most children’s first tooth appears when your child is about four months old. Their teeth will continue erupting until they’re about two years old. Sadly, teething can be very uncomfortable and even painful, but there are a few things you, as their parent, can do to make the experience easier for your little one.

As you may know, giving your child something to bite down on can help. You could use a teething ring or even a cold waffle to help. You see, the action of biting down on something cold helps break down the tissue on your little one’s erupting tooth. Biting down on something cold also helps with pain as it numbs your little one’s gums.

Over the counter medications can also help. These medications are usually gels that can numb the eruption site. However, please remember that using too much of this gel could actually numb your baby’s entire mouth. If you aren’t interested in these medications and want an alternative, vanilla extract may also help.

Another way to help your child get through the teething process is by giving them soft foods since solids foods could hurt their gums. Flavoring their water may also help them drink more during this uncomfortable process. You could also make your child more comfortable by distracting them. For example, you can watch videos or play with them.

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