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You are probably aware that you should floss and brush your teeth every day to keep your smile healthy and strong, but do you understand what you should do for your children’s teeth? In reality, there are several things you should do for your child’s oral health.

As you may already know, it’s very important that you help your little one brush their teeth at least twice every day as soon as their first tooth erupts. We generally recommend that you buy a brush that has soft bristles and toothpaste without fluoride in them. However, you won’t need to floss your little one’s teeth until they start touching each other.

However, did you know that you should also be taking care of your children’s oral health before their first tooth erupts? We recommend cleaning out your child’s mouth using a clean, damp cloth. We also recommend holding your little one in your lap so you can see their teeth and gums properly.

Lastly, please understand that you shouldn’t give your infant a bottle when you put them down to sleep. You see, if your child’s bottle is filled with a sugary drink or even milk, they could be more likely to suffer from baby bottle tooth decay. If your little one won’t fall asleep without a bottle, you could try giving filling it with water.

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