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Breastfeeding is meant to be a cherished and personal experience with an infant, where a mother and her baby can bond. This is a healthy start to life.

Studies demonstrate that there are plenty of advantages linked with breastfeeding exclusively, for both baby and child. For you, there is a lower chance of breast and ovarian cancer. For your child, there is an increased level of immune health, a reduction in the risk of baby bottle tooth decay, malocclusions, asthma, ear infections, child obesity, and even SIDS. (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

Though breastfeeding is the best option for your child’s dental health, mother’s milk still contains sugar and can, therefore, contribute to cavities. Here are some important ways to ensure that both you and baby stay healthy while breastfeeding:

– Check your medications. Some medications may affect your breastmilk. Read labels carefully and check with your doctor and dentist about possible effects.

– Take care of your own dental health: As a new mom, you are probably exhausted and might not brush or floss as well as you once did. This can lead to gum disease, cavities, and other dental issues.

– Do not share saliva with your child, whether through cleaning a pacifier or testing a feeding spoon.

– Take care of your health, such as your sleep, diet, exercise habits, and mental health. This will affect your ability to care well for your own and your baby’s dental health.

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