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Flossing is a vital oral hygiene task needed to properly clean your mouth and give you excellent dental health, but some people don’t realize the full significance of flossing. We want to help you and your child develop daily flossing habits, and we are here to help you motivate your child to floss every day by providing the following tips:

Show By Example
The best way to teach children how to floss is to lead by example and turn flossing into a family project.Let your children watch you floss your own smile, and then clean between a few of their teeth before letting them floss while you provide guidance. Please make sure your child is very gentle when cleaning the gum line.

Praise Good Habits
Tell your child how proud you are each time they floss, and praise them for a job well done. You can also use a reward system such as buying a favorite toy or treat if your child flosses their teeth every day for a set amount of time.

Provide Kid-Friendly Floss Products
Your child is more likely to enjoy flossing if they have a flossing product they love. Consider taking your child to the store to pick out a product that has their favorite superhero or cartoon character.

If you try these things, you can help your child make flossing a big priority. If you have questions or would like additional help in convincing your child to smile, please call Dentistry for Children at 210-432-1510 and schedule an appointment with our dentist, Dr. William D. Steinhauer, if you would like him to explain to your child the importance of flossing.