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Caring for your child’s smile includes always making sure to care for their toothbrush and apply proper toothbrush techniques. Rather than waiting for oral health problems to arise, establish preventive treatment plans and cleaning routines to keep your child’s mouth free and clean of debris and bacteria. Because your child will not be able to adequately clean and care for their own teeth and gums, the task falls upon you.

Protecting your child’s smile includes protecting your child’s toothbrush. Every few months or so, you will need to replace their toothbrush so that it can continue to work as needed. For additional help with your child’s oral health care, bring them in to visit our pediatric dentist before they are one year of age. Our team can provide your child with a comprehensive examination to determine if any damage is occurring or if they are vulnerable to damage in the future.

To help limit the risks of oral accidents and oral hygiene failures in your child, make sure that they are receiving adequate toothbrush care. Brush your child’s teeth twice every day and use a safe and nonabrasive toothpaste. For additional product recommendations, speak with your child’s dentist.

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