Office Policy & Insurance Options

At Dentistry for Children, we expect parents to accompany children under three years of age for their dental check-ups in San Antonio, Texas. Older children and patients needing restorative or surgical care will leave Mommy and Daddy in the waiting room. This allows Dr. William D. Steinhauer and our team to work one-on-one with your child, helping build their confidence and comfort. This is what we do best and we appreciate your allowing us the opportunity to assess your child’s ability to cope and decide what treatment modalities are most appropriate for your child.

Parents should not expect restorative or surgical procedures to be accomplished on the first visit. First visits are for diagnosing your child’s needs and developing an appropriate plan to address those needs.

First visits are for children to become familiar with our office, and for parents to meet our dentist and team, and just as important, first visits are also about prevention, which is a high priority in our office.

Constant review of diet and oral hygiene practices are another routine in our office. We feel it is just as important to inform and educate our patients’ parents as it is to treat those patients. We hope our parents are as informed about caring for their child’s oral health as we are. We encourage questions if you feel confused about our expectations or prescribed treatments. It is this collaboration that makes for the best outcome possible.

Dr. William D. Steinhauer tries to be on just about every insurance plan available to make payment easy for parents. Our dentist accepts new patients and does not, as normal policy, require a referral; however some insurance companies do have such a policy. While we are an enrolled specialty provider for most of the major dental insurances, you should check with your insurance company if you are enrolled in a DMO plan so you can comply with their individual rules and not lose part of the benefits your child is entitled to. For Medicaid we can be your child’s main dentist, or see your child on referral.

Patient Forms

Moms love their kids, and we love caring for their kids’ teeth. Dr. William D. Steinhauer and our team know that Moms and Dads can be very busy, which is why we provide our patient forms online. Parents new to Dentistry for Children in San Antonio, Texas, simply need to print out the forms, fill them, and bring them when their children visit our dentist for outstanding dental care.

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Spanish Forms

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Special Offers

Dr. William D. Steinhauer and the rest of the team at Dentistry for Children love caring for children’s teeth, and we also want to help parents along the way with our special offers. Call our office in San Antonio, Texas, to learn more about our current seasonal specials.