Dr. William D. Steinhauer knows how important your child’s smile is to you, so he offers a comprehensive dental exam in San Antonio, Texas. Through this exam, our dentist and team will take a close look at your child’s mouth to make sure the teeth and gums are healthy and strong. Your child can benefit from a dental exam when you bring them to Dentistry for Children.

It is important for your child to receive regular dental exams because their mouth is constantly growing and changing. Some of the most important formative years of a healthy smile occur in childhood, from teething to losing baby teeth. When our dentist regularly checks the health of your child’s mouth, he can prevent problems that will negatively affect their smile when they are older.

After a professional dental cleaning, our dentist and team will take a close look at your child’s teeth and gums. We will probe the teeth for soft spots and examine gum health. If our dentist finds early signs of decay or infection, he can treat the problem before it becomes too serious. Our dentist also takes digital X-rays of your child’s smile. X-rays allow him to look beneath the surface so he can check for decay between teeth and for the development of your child’s permanent teeth. We can keep an eye on your child’s smile when you visit our dental practice.